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Steadfast for over Two Decades. Committed for the Long Haul. 

How We Started

Client Centered

That's me, Jerry, in the middle and my beautiful wife, April, holding the flowers. I started in this industry because of one goal and that was to help people with their finances.

In the early 1990s, myself, alongside a business partner, established a company offering services to insurance firms. Recognizing the value of teamwork for an enhanced client experience, we formed a team. Following the sale of that venture, I gratefully pursued my envisioned career as a financial advisor, leveraging acquired skills to assist individuals and families.

This journey instilled the conviction that comprehensive financial planning is pivotal for families to comprehend and shape their financial goals, dreams, and legacies. Delving deeper enables us to offer more informed counsel to our clients.

Navigating through various economic landscapes, from the internet bubble and 9/11 to the housing and financial crises, underscores the constancy of change. Yet, the enduring success lies in having and adhering to a well-crafted plan.

Over decades of guiding clients, enduring relationships persist, and the evolution of our advisor team ensures our ability to aid more families in securing and preserving their retirement security and wealth for generations to come.

Where We Are Now

Client Centered

Over two decades have elapsed, leaving a few gray hairs as testimony to the passage of time, yet our firm has flourished while steadfastly maintaining its core objective: crafting tailored financial plans that seamlessly align with our clients' lifestyles within the parameters they stipulate.

Our journey has been defined by growth, but the unwavering commitment to delivering personalized financial solutions remains the cornerstone of our identity. Throughout this transformative period, we have constructed a sturdy foundation built upon the bedrock principles of trust, integrity, and sincerity.

These values have become the guiding force behind every decision and action, cementing our reputation as a financial partner who prioritizes the genuine well-being and success of our clients.

As we progress into the future, we are resolute in our dedication to upholding these principles, ensuring that each client receives not just a financial plan but an enduring partnership grounded in mutual trust and shared goals.

Our Team Values


The foundation of enduring relationships, we recognize that trust, though earned over time, remains pivotal; our goal is to evolve into an advisor you and your loved ones can confidently rely on.


In the realm of financial planning, integrity serves as the guiding principle. Our dedication to transparency and ethical conduct ensures that our client's trust is consintently upheld.


Sincerity is the compass that directs our firm, emphasizing genuine care, transparent communication, and a wholehearted commitment to our clients' financial well-being.

We're Passionate About Supporting Our Community

With Hope: The Amber Craig Memorial Foundation. We are dedicated to suicide prevention through improving mental health awareness and education in our schools and throughout our community.