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Mid-Career Professionals & Their Families

Top of the list of phrases no one has ever uttered:
“I should have started later.”

The road to a comfortable retirement begins in your workings years. Often-times people are so busy working for money, that they forget money should be working for them as well. At Summit Financial, we serve the young individuals and families who may not have a sizeable amount saved currently, but who are motivated to grow their assets. Our financial planners figure out where it is you want to go and provide the tools and resources to help get you there.

Our Services Help You Answer The Following Questions

How much money will I need in retirement to live my desired lifestyle?

Am I saving enough now to reach my goals?

Is my family protected from unexpected events?

What is the legacy that I’d like to pass down?

What You Get

A better understanding of your current financial trajectory

Advice that’s in your best interest and completely tailored to your specific situation

Strategies to protect, manage and grow your wealth

Peace of mind

How do I know if I am a good fit?

We provide the most valuable assistance when we concentrate on comprehensive planning that necessitates our expertise.

Our typical clientele includes individuals who:

  • Fall within the age range of 25-50 and earn an income exceeding $150,000.
  • Recently married, have recently become parents, or have experienced a significant increase in income.
  • Possess specific financial goals that require planning and development.
  • Exhibit disciplined saving habits, setting aside approximately $3,000 per month.
  • Seek guidance in establishing an estate plan to accommodate their growing family.
  • Place emphasis on minimizing both current and future tax obligations.
  • Are prepared to align their investments with their objectives, investment timeline, and life stage.
  • Work in the technology or media sectors and require strategic advice regarding stock options.
  • Earn income as 1099 contractors and require assistance in selecting an appropriate retirement plan tailored to their needs.

Ready to get started?

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