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Our Planning Process

Put your mind at ease. Let's develop a plan that's designed to reach your goals.

At Summit Financial, we believe there is so much more potential to have success with your finances when a comprehensive plan is in place. When we meet with you-we prioritize gaining a thorough understanding of all areas of their life. Only by having this in-depth knowledge of our clients can a comprehensive financial plan be successful and avoid unwanted implications.

Our financial planning process begins with getting to you.  Once we have a clear picture of your goals, obligations, and concerns, then we create a road map that addresses five key areas of planning: tax, insurance, distribution strategies, portfolio management, and estate planning. Every plan is customized to meet our client’s specific needs.

Just as our lives continue to evolve and grow, so do financial plans. We help monitor your performance and recommend adjustments as life evolves, markets move, tax laws shift and priorities change.

Finding a trending stock isn't our superpower...

Finding a trending stock isn't our superpower...

Providing clarity on decisions you make is. 

How We Work

Step 1: 
Schedule A Call

Schedule your 15 minute phone call where we each get to know each other and determine whether we are a good fit to work together. We will get a big picture idea of what your objectives and needs are. If we both agree it's a match, we will send you a fillable document to better prepare us for our next get together. This tool will paint a brief picture of your family's entire financial story.

Step 2:
Discovery Meeting

This 90 minute virtual meeting helps us both to uncover what your aspirations are. We will review key financial information that will help to design the best fit solution for you.

Step 3:
Plan Creation

We work behind the scenes with best in the industry technology. Our planning team will help you gather your investment statements, policies, tax returns, and budget assessments. From there, we begin to build and design the most suitable solution for your goals and obligations.

Fundamentally the journey we’re starting seeks to answer 3 questions’:

  1. Are you on track to reach your short term and long-term financial goals (e.g. retirement, or work-optional)?
  2. Are you doing everything you can to limit your current and future tax bill?
  3. Are your investments aligned with your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance?

Step 4:
Plan Delivery

During this 60 minute meeting, we deliver the recommended plan to you. We will begin with reviewing your current course of action should you make no changes. From there we will review each of our recommendations, explain rationale, and go over any questions you have. 

In plain English, we will explain exactly what you need to do to reach your financial goals. 

Step 5:

Whether you decide to execute the plan on your own, or with our aid is up to you. Either way, we will make sure you know what steps to take to embark on your new financial plan journey.

If we all agree to move forward and implement the action steps from your plan we will start transitioning assets, let you know when you can expect the changes to be complete, and show you how to access your new accounts and your client portal.

If you decide that we aren’t a good fit to work together any further than the plan creation , we will not take it personally. That’s ok! We will wish you the best and will be available to serve as a resource in the future.

Step 6:
Ongoing Planning & Meetings (Optional)

We understand that life is constantly changing. Which that in mind- it's easy to understand that financial plans can shift as well. Depending on the complexity of your plan, and your preferences, we will meet on a regular basis to review and make adjustments as necessary. 

Here is exactly what you can expect from your relationship as an ongoing client of Summit Financial:

  • 1-1 Relationship with your Lead CFP® Advisor
  • Summit is always available for ad-hoc planning meetings
  • We return phone calls and emails within 1 day
  • Proactive changes within your financial plan and investment strategies
  • Seamless account funding & withdrawals
  • 24/7 access to your Financial Dashboard
  • Planning around major life updates
  • Tax coordination with your CPA
  • Private Document Vault to organize and store important information