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Here are the core planning areas that make up our financial life plan:

Cash Flow Analysis

Cash Flow Analysis
  • Budget Breakdown
  • Current Saving Projections
  • Implementable Saving Strategies

Goal Based Financial Planning Analysis

Goal Based Financial Planning Analysis
  • Defining your Goals-Time horizons
  • Assessing your Goals- Future Costs
  • Analyzing your Goals: Probabilities for Success
  • Planning for future education costs
  • Home Purchase Analysis 

Tax Management Planning

Tax Management Planning
  • Roth Conversion Bracket Bumping
  • Stock Options Analysis & Planning
  • Employee Benefits Review 
  • Maximizing your Tax Bracket
  • Lifetime Tax Mitigation Strategies

Insurance & Estate Planning Analysis

Insurance &#38; Estate Planning Analysis
  • Life Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Disability Insurance Needs Analysis
  • Long Term Care Risk Mitigation
  • Making specific & implementable insurance recommendations
  • Designing your family's estate planning diagram

Investment Portfolio Review & Analysis

Investment Portfolio Review &#38; Analysis
  • Volatility Tolerance
  • Investment Audit of all accounts
  • 401(k) and Retirement Plan Allocation Analysis
  • Making specific & implementable investment recommendations

Retirement Readiness Road Map

Retirement Readiness Road Map
  • Personalized, Customized Bucket Plan
  • Personal Client Web Portal
  • The Family Estate Vault
  • Annual Update to Financial Modeling Report

What Is Our Service Model?

Brutal Honesty & Radical Transparency is our tagline (c’mon, it’s on the first page). 

We want our fees to be clear to you right away.

We charge a one-time flat fee to complete your Financial Life Plan®.

The fee is dependent on your Household Income as outlined below.

Household Income:Planning Fee:
$250,000 - $500,000$4,500
$500,000 - $750,000$5,500
$750,000 - $1,000,000$6,500
$1,000,000 - $1,500,000$7,500

*For single person household only.

What is considered a Household Income?

  • Salary 
  • Bonus
  • Commission
  • Restricted Stock Units

Why are we a "Planning First" firm?


Generally I won’t suggest investment options without performing a financial analysis. I mean, I’m just not good enough to provide credible advice without seeing the entire financial picture and understanding the overlapping and sometimes competing client goals. So I educate first, then I plan, and then if we come to an agreement, I will advise and provide investment services. -Lance Drucker, CLU ChFC

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